Industrial vibrating screen filters sewage

You can see the image of the filter and sieve in every field. We are surrounded by water for daily use. Sewage treatment plays a vital role in environmental protection. At the same time, if you make good use of it, it will bring great economic benefits. Nowadays, enterprises that attach importance to the reuse of domestic sewage have multiplied.

Industrial Vibrating Screen

So the question arises:
What is the sewage treatment process?
What kind of filtering standards should be achieved?
What factors need to be considered when purchasing machines?
Which type of machine is suitable?
If I am a seller, on what basis should I recommend products?

I’ve summarized several corresponding answers for you:
1: The treatment process is…
Domestic sewage – adding flocculant – entering filter – entering 200 mesh membrane-covered filter bag – entering activated carbon barrel for filtration – testing whether it meets the standard, if it meets the standard, it can be directly discharged into the river.

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2:The sieving purpose is…
Remove hair, shampoo, and some plastic bags from domestic wastewater.

3:The question of factors is…
Diameter of the feeding pipe?
The sizes of feeding pipes directly determine the sizes of screening machines. If the sizes of feeding pipes are too large, the liquid flow rate is too large, and the sizes are too small, it will lead to the incomplete filtration of liquids. If the sizes of the feeding pipes are too small, and the sieves are too large, a large part of the liquids will not be evenly distributed on the screen surface.
Generally speaking, the diameter of the feeding pipe is between 50-80 mm, and the equipment of 600-800 mm is generally selected.
Feeding pipe diameter is between 80-150 mm, generally 1000-1200 mm equipment is selected.
In the process of selecting the type of liquid filter, it is generally not more than 1200 mm, so it is more convenient to replace the screen and operate.

How much traffic?
Flow is the amount of processing, the amount of filtering that a device can accomplish in an hour. If the solid content is less than 20%, then the diameter of the feeding pipe can be used in the selection of the type; if the solid content is more than 20%, this should be determined by the viscosity of the material (CPU). The bigger the viscosity, the slower the liquid filters on the screen surface, the smaller the viscosity, and the faster the liquid filters on the screen surface.

Industrial Vibrating Screen

4:Suitable Machine
Sifter Machine
Ultrasonic Sieve Machine

5:Combining User Requirements
In wastewater treatment, the purpose of filtration with screening equipment is for primary filtration and preliminary impurity removal. Therefore, the number of filters selected is 60 mesh, 80 mesh or 120 mesh, and the number of filters is 200 mesh.

6:Points for Attention in the Recommendation Scheme
Number of filters
Feed pipe diameter
Filter volume
Site requirements
They are all important considerations for recommending solutions for users. But they are only part of the final recommendation.

For example:
Some companies mainly put the screening machine on the mobile car, so the shape and size also have special requirements. companies

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