Circular tumbler screen

The difference between the tumbler screen machine and the ordinary vibrating screen: it is an upgraded version of the standard vibrating screen, which has a wider application range, higher output and precision, and less wear and tear on the screen and the machine. Some special materials, such as EPP material, can only Use a Tumbler Screen Machine, of course, the cost of the Tumbler Screen Machine is higher.

tumbler screen Common Applications

Circular tumbler screen experiment

Structure of the Circular tumbler screen

Working principle

The motor drives the eccentric block, and through the special mechanical structure, the material forms an elliptical motion track on the screen, and simultaneously jumps up and down, similar to manual screening. This screening track makes it easier for materials with similar particle specific gravity to be Gathered together, particles with a significant difference in specific gravity are easier to stratify, thereby improving screening efficiency. At the same time, the imitation of artificial movement trajectory makes the screening softer, not destructive vibration.

Product Parameters

  • Screening precision: Up to 99%
  • Material: Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel 304/316L
  • Diameter: 600mm-2600mm
  • Screen Mesh: 2-500 Mesh
  • Capacity: 10Kg-10Tons/hour
  • Layer(s): 1-3 Layers
  • Function: Screening\separation\sorting\sieving
  • Cleaning system: Ultrasonic/Bouncing Ball Cleaning System
Circular swinging screen modelMotor modelMotor powerVoltageMotor speedEquipment materialNumber of plies
YBS-1200Y100L1-42.2KW220-480V industrial three-phase power1500r/minQ235/304/316L1-3 floors
YBS-1600Y100L2-43.0KW220-480V industrial three-phase power1500r/minQ235/304/316L1-3 floors
YBS-2000Y112M-44.0KW220-480V industrial three-phase power1500r/minQ235/304/316L1-3 floors


  • Protect the original shape of the material: especially suitable for the pharmaceutical industry, spices, tea, etc.
  • High precision: The elliptical trajectory makes the time and frequency of material contacting the screen more.
  • Simple operation: If there is a spare screen, it can be put into production again within 10 minutes after replacing the screen.
  • Long service life: The service life of the equipment and the service life of the screen are the longest among similar screening equipment.
  • The bulk density of the material is below 0.4 or above 3.0, this equipment is the best choice.

Circular tumbler screen Gallery


  • Place it horizontally.
  • Add lubricating oil on time.
  • Check the wear condition of the screen.

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Customizable content

  • Equipment material can choose carbon steel/304 stainless steel/316 material.
  • The size and position of the feed port/the size and position of the discharge port
  • Increase the auxiliary device for changing the screen
  • Add ultrasonic system to improve screening efficiency
  • Adding a material collection device can improve the screening accuracy.