vacuum feeder machine

Introduction: vacuum feeder machine is a common automatic equipment, which is mainly used to suck powder, granular, flake and other materials from the storage tank and transport them to the downstream equipment. Its main function is to improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity, and ensure production quality and safety.

Common Applications

Structure of vacuum feeder machine

Working principle

The working principle of the vacuum feeder machine is the same as that of our ordinary household vacuum cleaners. The material and air are sucked away by negative pressure. The difference is that the fan of the vacuum cleaner is outside the filter, and the material and air are simultaneously Entering the filter, the air is filtered and released to collect the material. In the vacuum feeder, the fan is inside the filter, and the material and air enter the collector at the same time, and the air is sucked away, but the material cannot pass through the filter and is left in the collector, and the material is fed regularly through the control system to complete the transportation.

Product Parameters

Vacuum Pneumatic Conveying System Vacuum Feeder Conveyor Machine
ModelPower(KW)Hopper Volume(L)Air Presser(Mpa)Capacity(kg/h)


  • Pollution prevention: Using negative pressure, it is fully sealed from the extraction of materials to the delivery of materials to prevent materials from being polluted or polluting the outside world
  • Strong adaptability: it can be transported in a small space and can be transported in a turn
  • Improve production efficiency: the vacuum feeder can realize automatic and continuous material transportation
  • Reduce energy consumption: Compared with traditional pneumatic conveying or mechanical conveying, it can effectively reduce operating costs
  • Wide range of applications: the vacuum feeder is suitable for conveying various powder, granular, flake and fibrous materials, and is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, metallurgy, plastic and other industries

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The name of the material, the moisture content, the specific gravity of the material, the size of the material particles, the distance of conveying, the height of conveying, the amount of conveying per hour, etc. We will give you the most suitable solution according to the parameters you provide.

Viscous materials with high water content, materials with a specific gravity above 2.5, and materials with too large particles.

Adjust the parameters and check the filter element frequently.

Customizable content

  • Equipment material can choose carbon steel/304 stainless steel/316 material.
  • The size and position of the feed port/the size and position of the discharge port
  • Increase the auxiliary device for changing the screen
  • Add ultrasonic system to improve screening efficiency
  • Adding a material collection device can improve the screening accuracy.