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Xinxiang Xingdou Machinery Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the field of powder slurry such as 5-600 mesh particle powder slurry. Has extensive experience in this field. Widely involved in pharmaceutical, chemical, metal, battery materials, abrasives, ceramics, pigments, coatings, food and other powder industries.


Xinxiang Xingdou Machinery Co., Ltd has more than 70 employees, a factory area of more than 50,000 square meters, a number of advanced processing equipment, and domestic sales of 4 million US dollars. The proportion of old customers is about 60%

The company adopts a number of advanced equipment to ensure product quality, high-efficiency production methods to ensure preferential prices, good after-sales service to ensure customer experience, rich experience to select professional equipment for customers, accept customization, and accept postal material test equipment.

Our Advantage

Our Factory

we Are The Factory: The Quality, Delivery Time, Cost Of The products Are Our Advantages.


Its Own Technical Team and Production Team, Which can Be Highly Customized.

After-Sales Service

Professional Af-Ter-Sales Service Personnel, Andall Conventional Accessories In Stock.

Rich Experience

Engaged In The Field Of Screening Conveying For Many Years, Solved Industry Problems.

Pre-sales service

Pre-sales service lets customers fully understand whether the product they want to buy is suitable for them, to ensure that it can be used typically after purchase. Our company’s pre-sales services are as follows:

1. Sample: You can mail the material or provide the name of the material. We will purchase the material and test the screening effect in all our products. We will provide you with complete video and experimental data to ensure that you finally buy the equipment you need.

2. Recommended equipment selection: Our company has a large number of customers in China, we have mature experience in many materials, and have our solutions for many materials that are difficult to screen, and have been recognized by customers.

3. Customized design products and preliminary design drawings: four technical engineers in our company have many years of experience in the industry, and can customize and design products according to on-site conditions to meet customer needs to the greatest extent. 60% of our company’s annual orders are customized products.

After-sales service terms

If technical support is needed, a solution will be provided within 1 hour of working time. During non-working hours, reply within 12 hours and provide solutions.

For parts that need to be repaired or replaced, our company will bear all the costs within the warranty period.

Our company has stock for all conventional accessories used, and generally delivers the goods on the same day or the next day after confirming the problem

The technical support used by our equipment is free for life.

You can contact your sales manager directly or add Whatsapp at +8618603739862 or WeChat at 8618603739862


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