I bought two identical vibrating screens from different manufacturers, why the screening effect is different?

If the models of the two vibrating screens are the same, the working principle is the same, and the same materials are screened, then we can consider the following reasons:

solution 1

If it is a linear vibrating screen or a Gyratory Screen, the first thing to pay attention to is whether there is a device at the feed inlet that can evenly disperse the material to the entire width of the screen and whether there is no device for dispersing the material. Screening Maybe 30% worse

The solution is generally relatively simple, just observe the feed ports of the two equipment, and let manufacturers without distributor equipment improve and upgrade.

solution 2

If it is a rotary vibrating screen or a Tubler Screening Machine, it may be a factory setting problem. Each company has a factory-setting standard for its own company’s vibrating screen. For example: when the rotary vibrating screen leaves the factory, the vibrating screen on the first floor The standard is: the angle between the two counterweights is adjusted to 45 degrees, the upper counterweight is two pieces, and the lower counterweight is one piece. Wait, but there are various screening materials, such as screening milk powder, screening sand, screening solid-liquid separation, screening metal powder, and screening EPP foam material. All materials have different characteristics. The factory settings of this company may be particularly suitable for a certain type of product, while the factory equipment of another company may not be suitable for your product.

Solution: Contact the vibrating screen company with poor effect and ask them to adjust it according to the product with better effect.

solution 3

Equipment inclination angle, some screening equipment has an inclination angle of 0°-3° or 3°-7° when it leaves the factory, while some equipment leaves the factory with an inclination angle of 0°, or -1 ° to -5°.

Solution: The angle can be adjusted directly on the device. If it cannot be adjusted on the device, you can consult us.

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