I am currently using a tennis ball-cleaning vibrating screen. I want to replace the ultrasonic system. What accessories do I need to replace?

We have encountered this problem many times and have rich experience. Then, if you want to replace it with an ultrasonic vibrating screen, you need to focus on a few points to complete the replacement.

1. Determine the diameter of the equipment to ensure that the replaced ultrasonic screen and vibrating screen have the same size

2. You need to purchase the ultrasonic system and the matching grid of the ultrasonic system. As shown below

3. This step is very important. Determine the type of ultrasonic wave with the manufacturer, and determine the position and size of the opening on the vibrating screen. As shown below

4. Match the sealing ring suitable for the ultrasonic screen, as shown in the figure below

5. Replacing the clamp for the ultrasonic screen

After completing the above 5 steps, you can change the cleaning method of the bouncing ball to the cleaning method of the ultrasonic system. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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