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Why Choose The Gyratory Screener For Calcium Powder Sifting?

1. Rich Gyratory Screener Sifting Cases 2. Gyratory Screener Advantages 3. Gyratory Screener Working Principle The gyratory screener effectively simulates the effective principle of artificial screening movement (screening accuracy, efficiency,…

Rotary Vibrating Screen: Solid-Liquid Separation Solution

rotary vibrating screen: solid-liquid separation Solution Solid-liquid separation is a very common and indispensable production link in various industries. There are many solid-liquid separation equipments, such as centrifuges, filter presses,…

Spiral Elevator Case: Monosodium Glutamate

Spiral Elevator case: monosodium glutamate There are many types of lifting equipment, different materials, different scenarios, different requirements, and different requirements for hoists. This is a customer who produces condiments…

Vacuum Feeder Machine: Food Manufacturers

vacuum feeder machine: food manufacturers With the development and progress of society, more and more attention is paid to food safety, which puts forward higher requirements for food manufacturers. In…

Gyratory Screen: Oil Fracturing Proppant

Gyratory Screen: oil fracturing proppant The function of petroleum fracturing proppant is to crack the oil-gas-bearing rock strata after high closure pressure and low permeability deposits are fractured during oil…

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Xinxiang Xingdou Machinery Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the field of powder slurry such as 5-600 mesh particle powder slurry. Has extensive experience in this field. Widely involved in pharmaceutical, chemical, metal, battery materials, abrasives, ceramics, pigments, coatings, food and other powder industries.Us has more than 70 employees, a factory area of more than 50,000 square meters, a number of advanced processing equipment, and domestic sales of 4 million US dollars. The proportion of old customers is about 60%The company adopts a number of advanced equipment to ensure product quality, high-efficiency production methods to ensure preferential prices, good after-sales service to ensure customer experience, rich experience to select professional equipment for customers, accept customization, and accept postal material test equipment.

  • Production Base 11000m2
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  • Perfect Quality Control
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We need a certain percentage of deposit and ship the goods after receiving the full payment.

You can contact the sales manager, or everyone you can contact on our company website, can help you.

Yes, we can provide photos, videos, and specific progress of the production process every day.

Yes, equipment customization and OEM are accepted.