circular swinging sieve: strip-shaped plastic pellets

There was a customer of our company before, they screened a long strip of plastic particles, and they needed to remove the plastic particles that did not meet the standard length, as shown in the figure below

This kind of strip-shaped material is difficult to screen with an ordinary vibrating screen. When the vibrating screen is working, the material is jumping on the screen. After the strip-shaped plastic particles jump up, they may also pass through the screen. The solution given by the company is a circular swinging screen.

Customer requirements:

  • Choose 3MM mesh for the screen mesh
  • The processing capacity per hour is 3 tons
  • The sorting accuracy of long particles and short particles should reach 90%

Project details

It can be seen from the video that the effect of the Tumbler Screening Machine is very good. The main reason is that the movement track of the Tumbler Screening Machine is artificial sieving, and the material is moving forward on the screen.

After our test, the Tumbler Screening Machine When the sieve screens this material, it is necessary to reduce the inclination angle of the equipment, reduce the shaking range, and increase the swing range, so that the sorting accuracy can reach 90%, while other vibrating screens, no matter how they are adjusted, The accuracy is 50%-70% direct. This is the advantage of the circular swing screen.

Project solution

The customer came directly to our factory with the materials for a visit and experiment. The experiment effect was good, and he directly ordered a piece of equipment.

According to the customer’s requirements, our company selected a Tumbler Screening Machine with a diameter of 1600 for the customer. The customer was very satisfied during the use process, and the effect was the same as that of the experimental material and introduced two customers to our company in succession.

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