square gyratory screen

Gyratory screen is high-efficiency screening equipment specially designed for high-precision and large-volume production. It is widely used in chemical, non-ferrous metal, food, quartz sand, abrasive and other industries.

gyratory screen Common Applications

square gyratory screen experiment

Structure of the square gyratory screen

gyratory screen Working principle

The square gyratory screen is the box responsible for screening and is suspended by four universal joints, and the motor drives the eccentric weight to rotate. Regular swing to achieve screening. The speed is 180-260 rpm, and the stroke is 25-60 mm.

Product Parameters

Square swing screen modelMotor typeMotor modelMotor powerVoltageMotor speedNumber of motorsNumber of plies
FYBS-1535motorYE2132S-45.5KW220-480V1440r/min11-10 floors
FYBS-2040motorYEH132M-47.5KW220-480V1440r/min11-10 floors


  • High output and precision, one device can install 10 layers of screens, each layer of screens is 8 square meters, a total of 80 square meters. At present, in the field of 5-200 mesh powder screening, the output and precision of this equipment are the highest,
  • Realize multi-layer screening and up to 5 different types of screens can be installed at the same time.
  • The gyratory vibrating screen is easy to use and the power part is maintenance-free. It only takes 10 minutes to replace the screen.
  • Long service life, and flexible screening method, so that the service life of the equipment and screen is twice that of ordinary vibrating screens.

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Yes, there are many customized customers for the square gyratory screen, and we have a large number of videos, photos, and customer use cases.

It is suitable for powder materials between 5-200 mesh. The effect is not good for sticky and oily materials. We have other suitable equipment for oily and sticky materials.

Please tell me the name of the material, we will do the experiment for free, and finally provide the whole process of video and experiment data, and then you decide whether to buy it.

You decide who to buy from, we will provide all the necessary parameters to ensure that the screen you purchased can be used.

Customizable content

  • Equipment material can choose carbon steel/304 stainless steel/316 material.
  • The size and position of the feed port/the size and position of the discharge port
  • Increase the auxiliary device for changing the screen
  • Add ultrasonic system to improve screening efficiency
  • Adding a material collection device can improve the screening accuracy.