rotary vibrating screen

The rotary vibrating screen is a high-precision fine powder screening machine, suitable for 5-500 mesh powder, and liquid up to 635 mesh. It has low noise and high efficiency. It takes 3-5 minutes to quickly change the screen. It has a fully enclosed structure and is widely used in the chemical industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc. All kinds of powder industries can screen any particles, powders, and mucus within a certain range. It is a cost-effective product.

Common Applications

rotary vibrating screen-Screening experiment

Structure of the rotary vibrating screen

Working principle

Product Parameters

Model of rotary vibrating screenMotor typeMotor modelMotor powerVoltageMotor speedEquipment materialNumber of plies
XD-400Vertical vibration motorYZUL3-40.25KW220-480V industrial three-phase power1500r/minQ235/304/316L1-2 floors
XD-600Vertical vibration motorYZUL5-40.55KW220-480V industrial three-phase power1500r/minQ235/304/316L1-4 floors
XD-800Vertical vibration motorYZUL8-40.75KW220-480V industrial three-phase power1500r/minQ235/304/316L1-4 floors
XD-1000Vertical vibration motorYZUL10-41.1KW220-480V industrial three-phase power1500r/minQ235/304/316L1-4 floors
XD-1200Vertical vibration motorYZUL15-41.5KW220-480V industrial three-phase power1500r/minQ235/304/316L1-4 floors
XD-1500Vertical vibration motorYZUL30-42.2KW220-480V industrial three-phase power1500r/minQ235/304/316L1-4 floors


  • Wide application range: powder can be sieved to a minimum of 28 microns and liquid to 5 microns.
  • Stable quality: With advanced technology and years of update iterations, the quality is very stable.
  • Easy to change the screen: there are tutorial videos, and all can be completed in 10 minutes.
  • Good sealing performance: no leakage and no pollution.
  • Easy to use: automatic discharge, maintenance-free design, low environmental requirements.

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Our company needs to know some parameters, which can help you promote the most suitable equipment

  • What is the name of the material you need to sieve?
  • How many meshes (or how many apertures) do the materials need to pass through?
  • How many kilograms/tons need to be processed per hour

4-7 days for standard products, 7-15 days for customized equipment.

During the warranty period, our company will bear all the expenses. After the warranty period, only the basic fee will be charged for replacement parts.

Yes, tell us your needs, 60% of our company’s annual orders are customized.

All warranties except consumables, which include screens and sealing rings.

Customizable content

  • Equipment material can be carbon steel/304 stainless steel/316 material.
  • The size and position of the feed port/the size and position of the discharge port
  • Increase the auxiliary device for changing the screen
  • Add ultrasonic system to improve screening efficiency
  • Adding a material collection device can improve the screening accuracy.