Straight row sieve

Straight row sieve can also be understood as a special type of rotary vibrating sieve. Although the structure is different, the trajectory of the material is the same. The straight row sieve has its suitable scene, especially suitable for screening the possible foreign matter before some powder raw materials enter the production line.

For example, before using flour to make bread, it can effectively avoid lint on the bag, foreign matter during transportation, or flour agglomeration through an in-line sieve. Or wheat is made into flour through a series of processing. Before bagging, it needs to be sieved in a straight line to filter out foreign matter such as screws that may exist in the flour.

Common Applications

Straight row sieve-Screening experiment

Structure of the Straight row sieve

Working principle

The straight row sieve uses two sets of eccentric blocks at the upper and lower ends of the vibrating motor to change the rotating motion of the vibrating motor into horizontal, vertical, inclined, and centrifugal multi-force overlapping, and then transfer this force to the screen surface to complete the screening. Because of its special structure, it is very suitable for screening materials with little on-screen material and relatively large throughput. For example, sift out lumps in seasonings.

Product Parameters

Straightsieve modelMotor modelMotor powerVoltageNumber of motorsNumberof motorsEquipment material
XDZ-600YZU3-40.18KW/0.18KW220-480V1500r/min1-2 piecesQ235/304/316L
XDZ-800YZU3-40.18KW/0.18KW220-480V1500r/min1-2 piecesQ235/304/316L
XDZ-1000YZU5-4/3-40.25KW/0.18KW220-480V1500r/min1-2 piecesQ235/304/316L
XDZ-1200YZU10-4/5-40.55KW/0.25KW220-480V1500r/min1-2 piecesQ235/304/316L
XDZ-1500YZU15-4/1040.75KW/0.55KW220-480V1500r/min1-2 piecesQ235/304/316L


  • The materials that have passed through the screen can be discharged quickly without blocking the material.
  • Small size, customizable, easy to cooperate with other equipment.
  • Simple structure, simple screen change, stable quality, maintenance-free
  • Low noise, easy to seal, no pollution.

Straight row sieve Gallery


For materials whose oversize ratio is less than 20% and the undersize ratio is over 80%, materials that are easy to sieve are most suitable for straight row sieve.

For materials that are easy to sieve, the main difference is the difference in the trajectory and the position of the outlet, and the output is the same. For oily or viscous materials, please consult us.

The vibration motor is maintenance-free, just pay attention to the wear of the screen during use.

Yes, we can also accept designated brand motors.

Customizable content

  • Equipment material can choose carbon steel/304 stainless steel/316 material.
  • The size and position of the feed port/the size and position of the discharge port
  • Increase the auxiliary device for changing the screen
  • Add ultrasonic system to improve screening efficiency
  • Adding a material collection device can improve the screening accuracy.