Advantages and disadvantages of Spiral Elevator and applicable scenarios

The Spiral Elevator is one of many lifting and conveying equipment. Let’s briefly talk about its advantages and disadvantages.


  • small footprint, can lift materials vertically
  • Retain the original shape of the material while conveying and lifting
  • The temperature of the material can be raised or lowered while lifting
  • Simple operation, maintenance-free, stable quality


  • Compared with similar lifting and conveying equipment, the processing capacity of Spiral Elevator per hour is small
  • higher cost
  • Limited lifting height
  • Not suitable for conveying liquids, etc.

To sum up all the above: Compared with other conveying and lifting equipment, the most important feature of the Spiral Elevator is that it can change the temperature of the material while conveying and lifting the material. This feature is very suitable for large-scale production lines. After the product is produced, it needs to be cooled quickly to reach room temperature, so that it can be directly packaged by the packaging machine.

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